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Swift Field Microscopes

Swift has various warranties depending on the product. See product list below for type of warranty period.

1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: 476, 477, 478, Digital/Analog Cameras (including built-in cameras on digital microscopes) and built-in tablets (M10T-MCS Series).
3-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: M3 Series, M3-F Series.
LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY: M10 Series, M10T-MCS Series (microscope only), M10D Series, M10L Series, M15 Series, M27LED Series, M28Z Series, M29TZ Series, M2250 Series, M2252DGL Series, M3600DGL Series, SM90 Series, SM100 Series.

  • Swift M3-B Field Microscope

    Swift M3-B Field Microscope

    The M3 series combines 3 microscopes in one! The M3 allows you to view both microscopic specimens, by using the compound objectives (4X, 10X, and 40X), and macroscopic specimens, by using the 1X macro objective. It is cordless, using energy efficient,...

    MSRP: $595.00
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